Book Review: Every Day is For the Thief

Every Day is for the Thief

Every Day is for the Thief by Teju Cole

Finally got around to completing the book review thanks to Chapter 2 of the Cambridge Fiction Book Club for inspiring me to finish!


Everyday is for the Thief

I’m currently reading Teju Cole’s ‘memoir novel’ published in 2007 titled Everyday is for the Thief (review posted here).

In one scene a brawl is witnessed and described. It is a chaotic, tempestuous confrontation between two drivers which threatens to spill over into the surrounding crowd. A week later another similar spat explodes and infects those nearby. The narrator suddenly feels pity for writers in the States who Continue reading

Beer and books in Cambridge

I have made an effort to explore different Cambridge pubs when meeting with other members of Cambridge Fiction Book Club. We have managed to try out 8 so far with more new venues scheduled in the coming weeks (that equates to approximately to a new pub every 2nd meet-up).

The best type of pub for book group offers: Continue reading


A small pile of books…

This small pile of books represents a variety but not entirety of titles that I have read/ started to read since the beginning of the year. As I was collecting these books for the photo and blog post I became aware of all the books I did not want to include. I thought especially about what books would lend the impression of eruditeness and well-rounded reading. Continue reading