Beer and books in Cambridge

I have made an effort to explore different Cambridge pubs when meeting with other members of Cambridge Fiction Book Club. We have managed to try out 8 so far with more new venues scheduled in the coming weeks (that equates to approximately to a new pub every 2nd meet-up).

The best type of pub for book group offers:

  • Comfortable seating where members are not sitting back in super comfy chairs and too far to hear each other (thinking of the Cambridge Brewhouse!)


  • a relatively quiet background- so picking a location where there is a Tuesday Jazz  is not happening in the room next store is often best (otherwise the Burleigh Arms is a lovely venue)


  • A nice beer selection- thank you The Cambridge Blue. Sadly my idea of nice in quiet limited to a few brands of beer which I won’t mention in case of judgement (though I feel the need to clarify its not anything too heinous). Happily I had a very nice perry on my last visit to the Blue.


As the summer continues some nice beer gardens will be explored too… unfortunately so far the weather seems to be against us enjoying our Tuesday evenings in glorious sunshine.


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